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The Construction Alchemists

The Construction Alchemists

The Construction Alchemists

The Construction Alchemists

Talrak Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.,

TALRAK was founded in Bangalore in 2014 with an objective of providing world class Construction Chemicals to the Indian Construction and Infrastructure industry.

At Talrak, we have a strong practice of innovation and customer orientation that pushes us to offer advanced and sustainable construction solutions to the market. Our state-of-the-art laboratory and highly skilled personnel, coupled with the strong German technical collaboration, has made our product portfolio a comprehensive one. Comprising of more than a 100 products across categories such as, Waterproofing, New Generation Concrete Admixtures & Surface Treatments, Concrete Aids, Grouts & Anchors, Remedial Engineering Products, Flooring Products, and Ultra High Performance Concrete Premix for manufacturing concrete of strength exceeding 100 MPa, we offer comprehensive construction solutions. We are aiming at catering to every type of civil engineering construction and maintenance projects

Our robust product range is duly complimented by the “Sell and Support” service policy driving our sales and technical service teams. Through our presence at different geographical locations across the country, we strive to offer our customers the approriate technical assistance, including product consultation and training that is valued by Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Owners.

Talrak believes that the value chain is complete only when the products and systems are successfully applied at the site. For this, our technically qualified and trained personnel are available to locally provide quick on-site project support, to ensure proper application of the products at site.

Technical team supports the architects, designers, contractors and owners. The support area are : training the personnel of contractors to the right use of products and systems, the architects and designers are provided with specification support and assistance and the owners are assisted with the recommendation of right products and systems needed for the successful completion of their projects and achieving the durability of their constructions.