Talrakpolybond ™ SB/AR/EP (Range of Bonding Agents)

Product Brief :

Talrakpolybond ™ SB/AR/EP are the range of bonding agents that are SBR based, Acrylic based and epoxy based respectively. They are used to enhance the bond strength between the old and new concretes to achieve monolithic section and transfer the stresses across ‘cold’ joints uniformly. They impart good waterproofing and sealing properties at the joint.

key features :
  1. Good bond strength, between hardened and fresh concrete
  2. Epoxy version provides barrier property at the joint to prevent diffusion of chloride irons across the joint hence can be used in the repair works.
  3. When failure occurs, subjected to ultimate pullout load test, no bond failure occurs. However there will be cohesive failure in concrete away from the bond line.