TalrakreteUltra ™ Drymix

Product Brief :

TalrakreteUltra ™ Drymix is based on a path breaking Quantz® technology of high particle packing density. It is designed with a packing density of particles with the help of algorithms developed for particle packing optimization at the nano- level , material characterization, calculation of water film thickness, FEM and an effective application of the large data on material characterisation .

The dry mix supplied in bags, bulkers to the RMCs / large construction sites, where just addition of specified coarse aggregate and water is required to produce Ultra High performance Concrete (UHPC) of compressive strength exceeding 100 MPa.

key features :
  1. Pre-packed product which needs only addition of coarse aggregate and water in a batching plant.
  2. Compressive strength exceeding 100Mpa.
  3. Environmentally friendly.