KÖSTER KB-Pox IN - IN 231 006

Product Brief :

Solvent free, 2 component low viscous epoxy injection resin for crack injection. Due to its high rate of penetration into porous substrates and it’s excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, masonry and metal, KÖSTER KB-Pox IN permanently seals and bridges cracks and as well as joints and restores structural integrity. KÖSTER KB-Pox IN does not contain any fillers or softeners and thereby sedimentation is avoided.

Fields of application: Suitable for the restoration of structural bonding in cracks and joints. Without pre-injection KÖSTER KB-Pox IN can be used for filling and closing dry, and damp and wet cracks, joints and voids.

Consumption   Packaging
Approx. 1 kg / l void   6 kg combipackage
Technical Data Sheet