Freecem ™ S 40, 60, 80

Product Brief :

Freecem ™ S 40, 60, 80 is a cementitious high strength, free flow, dual shrinkage compensating precision grout with non-metallic aggregates. It is suitable for statically loaded machine foundations for baseplate grouting. It is available in three grades namely S40, S60 and S80 with an ultimate compressive strength of 40, 60 and 80Mpa respectively in 28days.

key features :
  1. Dual shrinkage compensation
  2. Provides effective contact with the base-plate for effective transfer of operating loads from the machine to the foundation.
  3. Long term dimensional stability
  4. Free flowing - placement within narrow clearances, as low as 6mm
  5. High 1, 7 & 28 day’s compressive strength.