Talrakset ™ AF(W)

Product Brief :

Talrakwetset ™ AF is an alkali free set accelerator specially designed for wet-spray applied concrete. It is suitable for wet spray concreting situations such as underground tunnel lining, tunnel repair works, Underpasses by precast tunnel segment, for concrete linings, rock stabilisation by wet spray concrete etc. Besides accelerating the setting time, it aids to fast hardening of sprayed concrete.

key features :

  1. Reduces rebound of materials during the spraying of concrete
  2. Reduces the risk of alkali- aggregate reaction
  3. Aids the fast hardening of sprayed concrete
  4. Works well even when water is present during the tunnelling operation
  5. Compatible with the most of the wet spray machines
  6. Deposit of the wet shotcrete at higher thicknesses in single operation.