KÖSTER KSK ALU Strong - R 817 105 AS

Product Brief :

Cold applied self-adhesive synthetic / bitumen sealing membrane for the waterproofing of small, weather exposed roofs, garages and car ports. Applicable between + 12 °C and + 35 °C.

KÖSTER KSK ALU Strong does not require hot air or propane gas welding for its application. It is laminated with a coarse grain embossed, UV resistant aluminum foil which is coated with a grey protective finish on the top side. For additional reinforcement a highly tear resistant fabric is embedded. Placement of a gravel layer on top of the membrane after installation is not required.

Consumption   Packaging
1.7 mm x 1.05 m x 10 m, 10.5 m² roll   -NIL-
Technical Data Sheet