KÖSTER VAP I 2000 FS - CT 233

Product Brief :

Fast setting vapor barrier. Specially designed for use as a negative side, fluid applied vapor barrier. The material reduces Moisture Vapor Emission Rates (MVER) and alkalinity to levels acceptable for most resilient and epoxy flooring systems. KÖSTER VAP I 2000 FS (Fast Set) has a perm rating of 0.05 (ASTM E96 wet) and will cure in as little as 4 hours (depending on ambient conditions) and allows for fast tracking of flooring projects.

This unique formulation is a 100% solids, 2-component, transparent, low viscous, solvent free (low VOC) special resin. Suitable for use with sheet vinyl, VCT, rubber, wood, ceramic,sports, solid backed carpeting, epoxy, ESD and almost all other types of finished flooring.

Consumption   Packaging
Approx. 0.5 kg / m²   2.4 gallon Combi-Pack CT 233 010 0.7 gallon Combi-Pack CT 233 002
Technical Data Sheet