KÖSTER KB-Pox Adhesive - J 120 005

Product Brief :

High performance adhesive specially designed for fastening KÖSTER Joint Tapes to mineral, wooden and metal substrates. KÖSTER KB-Pox Adhesive develops a high adhesive strength to concrete, mortar, metal, wood and many other building materials. It develops high early strength. Vertical and overhead application is possible. Two types of the material, normal and rapid curing, are available. 

KÖSTER KB-Pox Adhesive is a 2 component, epoxy based, high performance adhesive. The material is thixotropic, has a pastelike consistency, contains no solvents and has a 100 % solids content.

Consumption   Packaging
For KÖSTER Joint Tape 20: 1 kg / m, for Joint Tape 30: 1,5 kg / m   5 kg combipackage
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