Talrakflorcem ™ SL

Product Brief :

Talrakflorcem ™ SL is the industrial flooring systems with attributes such as self-levelling, seamless, high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance etc. Conventionally, these systems are available in resin based products such as Epoxy, Polyurethanes, acrylic and hybrid systems. These systems often suffer from the shortcomings such as over sensitivity to moisture/ raising dampness in the floor concrete, incompatibility with moist substrates, inability to water vapour diffusion through them, lack of abrasion and impact resistance apart from their unsuitability for the oil ridden floors. These shortcomings are addressed in Talrakflorcem ™ SL.

key features :
  1. Compatibility with the Cementitious(Concrete) Substrate,
  2. High abrasion and impact resistance
  3. Silicate based technology
  4. Breathable and durable flooring system
  5. Ease of application – lower application cost compared to other flooring systems
  6. 100% UV resistant
  7. Applied on wet surfaces
  8. Fast curing – usable after 48 hours.
  9. Green Product