KÖSTER IN 3 - IN 230

Product Brief :

Viscoplastic 2- component PU injection resin for the restoration of structural strength in cracks and joints . Solvent free, low viscosity. Compressive strength >80 N/mm² , tensile strength 14 N/mm².

Fields of application: In combination with KÖSTER IN 1 for the permanent sealing and bridging (where structural strength is required) of water bearing cracks and joints in concrete.It can be used without pre-injection for closing dry cracks and joints. KÖSTER IN 3 is used in cases where crack f lanks or unequal structural members have to be bonded together and acquire structural strength.

Consumption   Packaging
Approx. 1.1 kg/l void   1 kg can IN 230 001 8 kg combipackage IN 230 008 430 kg combipackage IN 230 430
Technical Data Sheet