Talrakepibond SC20, 30, 40

Product Brief :

Talrakepibond SC range of Epoxy bonding adhesive is used in segmental constructions, conform to FIP standards. Suitable for applications at different temperatures prevailing in tropical regions. SC20 can be used from 5 to 20⁰C, SC30 can be used between 21 to 30 ⁰C and SC40 can be used from 31 to 40 ⁰C. It is possible to provide products for other temperature ranges as well, on request. The bonding glue is suitable for  precast segments which is used for construction of metros, elevated viaducts, flyovers etc.

key features :

  1. Suitable for precast segmental construction.
  2. Suitable for wide temperature ranges.
  3. Excellent bond and water proofing properties.
  4. Passes tests as per FIP publication FIP/9/2 March 1978 - Standard for Acceptance tests and verification of epoxy bonding agents for segmental construction.
  5. Available in concrete colour.